Primary English

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Reading widely

At Primary 5, students will be more confident and outward-looking.

This is an exciting time to expose them to values and themes that are more matured. We do this by weaving in captivating and thought provoking excerpts from a carefully curated list of classic and current literature that will excite and stretch 11- year – olds.

Lessons are specially and carefully crafted from a selected range of books, authors and engaging current topics. Group discussions will help students sharpen their oral skills. English Icon

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Tackling comprehensions with greater comprehension

At this stage, we will be strengthening the students’ comprehension skills by adding more challenging and thought-provoking inferential questions.

Captivating comprehension passages will be designed from fiction and non-fiction sources.

The students will be exposed to culture, history, geography, health, science and technology as well as inspiring human stories laden in values-teaching.

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Refining of composition skills

At P5, writing and planning skills for the composition component will continue to be reinforced with rigour.

They will be exposed to more complex settings and socio-moral issues.

Students will learn about characterisation through detailed analysis of specially written lessons that are based on movies, unique characters in literature or inspiring real life heroes. Once they see that writing is just another story-telling skill, they will be inspired to write in their own voice and without fear.

Students who develop their own voice are the ones who go on to be outstanding English students.

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Grammar, synthesis & transformation and vocabulary

While the above components will inevitably appear in all our lessons, these critical components will be reinforced at higher levels through weekly homework worksheets.