About Us

As a Primary School Boutique Enrichment Specialist :

  • We have a strong team of 20+ experienced teaching specialists, curriculum writers and graphic artists to create a unique TSS learning experience.
  • We specialise in writing, illustrating and publishing in-house educational booklets that enhance the MOE curriculum.
  • We write our own scripts for proprietary videos for the Chinese Language oral lessons and Science comics.
  • We are the first in Southeast Asia to embrace the latest high tech interactive Smart Board (7000 series) technology.
  • We believe that children learn best in small groups of 8-12 students per class.

All 10 of our classrooms will be equipped with an interactive SMART Board (7000 series) which comes with these features :

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution.
  • HyPR Touch technology means the board is highly responsive to finger and digital pen contact.
  • A built-in web browser providing immediate and live access to website content and videos.
  • Students can write on the board, move objects around, drag and drop text and images.
  • In-house interactive white board games and activities are designed to match our curriculum.