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About Us

Who are We ?

  • The Schooling Society is a boutique enrichment centre.
  • We specialise in crafting our own in-house teaching and learning materials to enhance the MOE’s primary school curriculum.
  • We believe that each of the 4 subjects – Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science, are all equally important pillars of a child’s education.

Our Focus

We focus on helping the child reach his/her highest potential by training them to be exam smart. We then weave in current, trending and most importantly, relevant news and issues so that our students have greater in depth knowledge about how the world around them is linked to what they study in school. The application of education to real life situations is the trending direction that MOE and indeed, global educational institutions have started adopting.

Our Team

The Writers & Tutors
We have our own specialised teams of curriculum writers who understand the unique challenges that students face for each subject. This highly valued team of 16 writers and teachers have worked hard for the past 1 ½ – 2 years. Our material is aimed at engaging students who enjoy greater stimulation and challenges.

The Artists
Enticing visuals and thoughtful graphic design are an integral part of our teaching strategy. We have our own dedicated team of illustrators, cartoonists and graphic designers. They collaborate with our writers to publish our own proprietary materials. All this effort is to ensure that learning at The Schooling Society is an inspirational, surprising and unusual experience.

Our Background

  • Ex-HODs & award-winning teachers from MOE
  • Ex-journalists & Authors
  • Distinguished Singapore scholars
  • MBA, Masters in Education & PhD holders