Primary English

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Reading widely

At Primary 4, students will be encouraged to read different genres beyond the P3 favourites of animals and fairies.

We do this by weaving in captivating and thought provoking excerpts from a carefully curated list of classic and current literature that will excite and stretch 10-year-olds.

Lessons are specially and carefully crafted from a selected range of books, authors and engaging current topics.

Group discussions will help students sharpen their oral skills. English Icon

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Comprehension & oral skills

At this stage, we will be strengthening the students’ comprehension skills by adding more challenging and inferential types of questions.

A variety of captivating and unusual comprehension passages will be designed from fiction and non-fiction sources.

Our strategy is to make each lesson exciting by teaching the students new and unexpected topics via these comprehension articles.

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Composition skills

At P4, writing and planning skills for the composition component will be reinforced with more rigour.

Writing is still challenging for students at this developmental stage as many would have limited life experience.

We overcome this hurdle by exposing them to different settings and a variety of topics in specially customised and graphically appealing Cloze and Vocabulary worksheets.

Students will learn about characterisation through detailed analysis of specially written lessons that are based on movies, unique characters in literature or inspiring real life heroes.

We aim to teach them that writing is just another story telling skill.

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Grammar, synthesis & transformation and vocabulary

While the above components will inevitably appear in all our lessons, these basic but critical components will be reinforced through weekly homework worksheets.