Primary English

Primary 6 syllabus:

AlgebraInterpret and simplify algebraic expressions
Evaluate simple algebraic expressions by substitutions
FractionsAssociate fractions with multiplication and division
Solve word problems involving fractions and 4 operations
MeasurementArea and circumference of Circles
Area and perimeter of composite figures involving circles
Use of symbols √ and ³√
Solve word problems involving volume of cubes and cuboids
RatioExpress (in simplest form) one quantity as fraction of another, given their ratios
Solve word problems involving ratio
PercentagePercentage increase/decrease
Solve word problems involving percentage, relate to real-life examples, e.g. discount, GST, etc
GeometryFind unknown angles in geometrical figures
Identify and draw nets of solids
SpeedRelate distance, speed and time
Writing speed in different units such as km/h, m/s and cm/s
Solve word problems involving speed and average speed with the use of timeline
Data Representation and InterpretationRead and interpret data from bar graphs