Primary English

Primary 1 syllabus:

Whole numbersNumbers to 100
Counting the number of objects
Reading and writing in numerals and words
Comparing and ordering numbers
Ordinal numbers and symbols
Mental calculation involving addition and subtraction within 20
Adding more than two 1-digit numbers and within 100
Achieve mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts within 20 to solve word problems
Multiplying within 40 and dividing within 20
Solving 1-step word problems involving multiplication and division
MoneyCounting amount of money in cents (up to $1) and dollars (up to $100)
Solving 1-step word problems involving addition and subtraction of money
MeasurementMeasuring and comparing length of objects in non-standard units
Telling time to half hour/hour
Able to read the clock and relate time to events of a day
GeometryIdentifying, naming, describing and classifying 2D shapes (Rectangle, circle, square and triangle)
Making/completing patterns with 2D shapes
Picture graphsReading and interpreting data from picture graphs
Able to describe the data presented in a picture graph using language such as “most”, “least” , “greatest”, “smallest”, “as much as” and
“as many as”