TSS 2020 Programme Fee

  1. Registration Fee: $50 (excluding GST) per new student.
  2. Deposit: $100 per Registered Subject.
  3. Fee per 2 hour lesson per week – (see Table).  Our Term Fee is structured on the basis of 4 Terms per year.  Term 1 – 4 for P1 to P5 comprises of 12 weeks each (48 weeks in total).  Term 1 & 2 for P6 comprises of 12 weeks each while Term 3 & 4 comprises of 8 weeks (40 weeks in total).
SubjectLevelFee excld GST
Integrated Curriculum & English Writing LessonP1 – P2$68/ 2 hour lesson
EnglishP3 – P6$68/ 2 hour lesson
MathematicsP1 – P6$68/ 2 hour lesson
ScienceP3 – P6$68/ 2 hour lesson
Higher ChineseP1 – P6$58/ 2 hour lesson
ChineseP5 – P6$58/ 2 hour lesson
  1. The Term Fee shall be paid 1 month in advance prior to the commencement of the next Term.
  2. In the event the Term Fee remains unpaid at the start of the next Term, TSS reserves the right to disallow the student from attending any class(es) for the next Term.  The Centre shall deem that the student has withdrawn from the Registered Subject(s) and shall have the Deposit forfeited.  Such students shall be required to pay another Deposit should they wish to resume lessons, subject to availability.
  3. Notwithstanding the abovesaid, where the student is registered for any of the Registered Subject(s) after the TSS Curriculum Year has begun, the student shall be entitled to receive worksheets/materials only from the date the student begins attending the Registered Subject(s).
  4. The Centre reserves the right to cancel a class for any of the Registered Subject(s).  In such a situation, the parent and/or student may choose to attend another scheduled class or can opt to withdraw and receive a refund of the unutilised Term Fee and Deposit paid.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, all Term Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable across students and subjects.  The Deposit is refundable subject to Clause 6 stated hereinbelow and can be used to offset for any outstanding owed to the Centre.
  6. The Centre reserves the right to amend the Registration Fee, Deposit and/or Term Fee with at least 1 month’s notice to the parents.